Recently Read : Woken Furies by Richard Morgan

Author Richard Morgan has returned to the world(s) of Takeshi Kovacs first imaged in “Altered Carbon” and then “Broken Angels” in “Worken Furies”. Kovacs started as an “Envoy” in the service of the multi planetary system UN Protectorate, being narrowcast across space and re-sleeved into – mostly – the best generically engineered and enhanced combat bodies available. Worken Furies continues the promise as Kovacs is back on his home world of Harlan’s World.

I though of “Altered Carbon” as anti-hero cyberpunk meet’s “A Bridge to Far”, and “Broken Angels” was defiantly the same doing “The Maltese Falcon” So it seemed to me that “Worken Furies” seems to be channeling “Doctor Zhivago” or something by Tolstoy/Dostoevsky into the mix. (but then I might be stretching my search for a theme too far?)

Anyway. Lots of action and neat Tech, lots of twists and turns. Very much in the same vein as the first two books. It made for a very enjoyable read. 2 thumbs way up!

(Note: I did not like his “Market Forces” novel, which is not set the same universe. )

Lets hope there is more to read in this lively setting. (soon please Mr Morgan)

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  1. Morgan is my fav, I liked Market Forces – the ideas and the change of timeframe really made it stand out. Though, it was definitely weaker when compared to the Kovacs novels.

    Charles Stross and Allistar Reynolds are good to fill the reading queue while for Morgan’s “Black Man” due sometime in October 2006.

    Stross’ Singularity Sky, Iron Sunrise are great space operas. They follow a couple of deep storylines. Interesting concepts of what happens when a self-aware AI is able to alter or maintain it’s own light cone.

    Reynolds defines some big, big space and time concepts. He is books are just fantastic. Fun stuff.

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