One to Watch : WhuffieTracker

Via we have a glance into the creatation of at Mash pit, which he has hacked together with collaborated with , , and

is the ephemeral, reputation-based currency of ‘s sci-fi novel, .

WhuffieTracker is an ego surfing tool which aggregates (or will aggregate, when it’s working!) all blog posts, comments, links, tags, photos, conversations and bits of attention focused on you you you.

Which of course sounds like , and has shades of created by Chris Nolan. And beggs the question why is’nt doing this.

It’s still very Beta, but what do you want in four hours?

In less than four hours yesterday afternoon our team brainstormed the product features, designed a site and a logo, researched possible sources of data, registered a domain name, setup and configured a database and server, created database schema, and wrote some PHP.

(check out the whuffietracker transfer device!) Much Whuffie to them!

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