The Songbird Media Player, built with XUL, DRM free.

The is a desktop media player, built atop platform (also used by Mozilla Foundation’s and ), and will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Just like Firefox, it will be open to!

A preview release is expected in December, but screenshots are now posted, which have a somewhat with improvemnts to the annoyance of some (which has it own legal problems).

Songbird uses the (Cory’s favorite media player) Mozilla plug-in that supports a vast number of audio and video codecs, although SongBird does not (yet) allow for video play, although possible.

Could be the best thing in (Digital Restrictions Management) free media players since Winamp 2! It could also be the first widely known application from outside the Mozilla Foundation to build on (XML User Interface Language).

Darren Barefoot thinks Winamp + FireFox = Songbird, and is looking to give it a spin, too.

Update: is out : many improvements including a new VLC cone, new Mac OS X wizard and extend controls dialogs, tree playlist skins2 support, HTTP interface CGI handling, linux binary codecs loader, UPnP and Bonjour service discovery, shoutcast stream forwarding, new languages …

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