dessert trends : yummy treats for Toronto

Last weekend we visited Toronto’s Harbord Street restaurant at 169 Brunswick Ave (google map link) (north east side, between Spadina and Bathurst; south of the Annex, west of the UoT, north of College street), which opened Sept 1st 2005 and is already seeing lots of traffic.

It’s a small space : light, sleek, chic and unfussy. The desserts match the decor, in addition to being delicious with a great presentation. On the first visit we tried the Lime Cheesecake and Taramissu: mouthwatering. (I’ll add more as we eat our way through the menu). The sandwiches look very promising, and I know the (made in-house) bread is great. We will be trying the jam this weekend.

Owner/Chef Donald A. Doung also has a thriving Wholesale and Wedding / Special Occasions Desserts and Cakes business, working out of west end Toronto. I understand his pastries are available at Pusateri’s Fine Foods, Holt Renfrew , and -in the Bloor West Village – Max’s Market, and Cheese Boutique. See the for details.

We were very happy to re-discover Donald because ET had taken a cooking course under him, and that lead to him doing the chocolate truffles for our Wedding!

Oct 1st Update : The Blueberry jam is amazing, packed with b-berry goodness. We have been back and can report the Sandwiches, soups, and breads are very yummy. Also, Alchemy Baking, artisan bread maker now in Kensington Market, also carries his Desserts. Start asking your local dessert counter if they have “dessert trends” desserts!

2006 update : second Dessert Trends Patisserie-Bistro opening in downtown Toronto in Fall 2006

Yummy Treats for Toronto

Sep 30, 2005 by FalsePositives

Dessert Trends

169 Brunswick Ave.

Toronto ONT,


★★★★★ great foods. desserts, sandwiches and soups.

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