Watch Bryan tackle the Bruce Trail

Bryan Mason will set out on Saturday September 17th 2005 to run Ontario’s Bruce Trail end to end in 14 day’s from Queenston Heights to Tobermory on Georgian Bay Lake Huron, spanning the entire Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Let’s see .. that’s 800 kilometres over 14 days means running an average of ~57 km per day for 2 weeks. A marathon is 26 miles or ~42 kilometres. Oh My.

You can follow his daily progress via the Conquer the Bruce website, and support him in his run.

Bryan is an experienced marathon and ultra-runner, with an excellent running support and crew team and a detailed logistics plan, but at the end of the day, it’s one guy versus 800 km of forested trail. Watch out for those roots! (Did I mention that he’s 60? A very youthful 60. Time for my nap…)

Why is he doing this? Apart from adding some extra twinkle in his eyes (like he needs it!), Bryan hopes to raise awareness and generate donations to help the Bruce Trail Association (BTA) to realize its primary goal – to secure and preserve this major corridor through the acquisition of properties along its route. (Any truth to the rumour that your wife is redecorating, Bryan?)

Full disclosure: I once ran after a bus, unsuccessfully.

Minor Update Sept 15:

The Schedule page is now up and running on Conquer the Bruce giving the Day by Day AM and PM leg distances and places. So now you know where to be to give him road side support, in addition to donations to help the BTA.

Also, we have a credible denial on the redecorating rumour, so the Debbie Travis sightings were in error.

Update Sept 20th:

And he’s away.. Bryan is making his distances (56 & 65 kays!). Checkout the “Updates” section for progress reports. Go Bryan…

Update Sept 23: A Setback

Bryan was worried about shin splints, but turns out to have a bad foot and leg infection, contracted on the trail, and requires serious antibiotic treatments. He’s retired from the field after ~240 kilometres and 5 days.

I know this will be a disappointment to Bryan, but it’s still a remarkable accomplishment! For now : Rest , Get healthy, and listen to Susan! ( Next time you run, can we stick a web cam to you?)

Update Oct 3rd : It can be done

Todays Globe & Mail is reporting on the Trail-blazing runner goes end-to-end on the Bruce run of 38 year old Clayton Smith, who completed his 850-km 15 day run on Sept 24th. Mr Smith also describes just how hard the run was : “I started getting shin splints on day six, which I’ve never had before,” Mr. Smith said. “Days nine through 13, it was a struggle just to get out of bed. I was running with extreme pain.”.

Bryan is the 61 year old runner mentioned ( near the end ) going in the opposite direction – Bryan mentions him in his day 4 update.

Update :sadly the ” Conquer the Bruce” is no longer up. Bryan Mason continues to run strong.

Here is a new site Running The Bruce Trail by Tim, with the my goal is to run the entire Bruce Trail in 2008.

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