Making linkrolls. easier

Via the blog, we have we rolling and several new ways to add “my” into your blog or side bar, as “simple” as inserting some javascript or calling Javascript Objects (or ‘s), either way it’s more stuffing for our sausage makers!

I’ve used this to add a LinkRoll page to the side bar.

Fred Wilson posted about Delicious Link Roll ( pre public but then he has a reason to keep a closer eye on them ), with a interesting idea : using a tag “Link roll” to limit what shows up.

Also, if only Delicious had better tagging operatation you could feed it a list of tag and do a “show bookmarks related to this topic” sort of thing.

Nov 15th Update has completly revamped their help page, and exposed a new feature : Tag Rolls, a way for you to display your tags as part of your website. I’ve placed a tag Cloud of my top tags over on the Link page.

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  1. I’m not desperate for a linkroll, but I would like a “tagroll” from… a way to show my 10 most frequently used tags in a dynamic menu on my sidebar, with each displayed tag linking to the page…. I use to substitute for categories in blogger, and this would be my categories menu. I have a manual drop-down menu now, but it would be great if it fed straight out of If you know how to do this, pay Freshblog a visit & let me know!!

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