USA may change dates for DayLight Saving Time; What’s the Server/Desktop Impact?

Via, USA Lawmakers are considering expanding daylight-saving time by two months to conserve energy (but refused to boost mileage requirements for gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles!) by starting daylight saving time one month earlier to the first Sunday in March and delaying the end of daylight time by one month to the last Sunday in November.

Up here in Northern America (Blue’r than Blue), we are likely to quickly amend our policy to stay in step with our large trading partner (red’er than red).

For back ground here is the wikipdeia entry on . (Note: it’s “Saving” Not ““). And I’ve also posted in the past on this issues, with lots of links to other resources in : Complication in Daylight Saving Time; Global reality: TimeZones+ Daylight Saving Time, is hard; RE: Global reality.

Here is a new issue / question: How many Servers and Desktop will NOT adjust for the new Dates for the DayLight Saving Time change? I wondering about all those Window 2000 and Win NT servers, plus all those Desktops? How big a issue is this going to be for Linux / Unix servers?

Update: My submition was rejected but it’s now on slashdot anyway : One Step Away from Changing Daylight Savings Time Tags: ; Technorati Tags:

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