Found Words: Trustafarians

Trustafarians : trust fund babies who live supported solely by the trust fund income (i.e. they don’t work for a living): Paris Hilton, various members of the Kennedy clan, the characters of The Talented Mr. Ripley, or Hugh Grant’s character in About a Boy come to mind. Down market Trustafarians would be those with a bohemian lifestyle, but with hipper accessories, living off he money of parents. (ski bums who don’t have to wash dishes.)

Word is related on “rastafarians” and the associatation of the easy, layed back, lifestyle of reggae music and Ganja.

a quick google turned up this rant, and several definations from the the best of which are:

  • financially backed wanna-be hippies
  • priviliged kids who subsribe to the hippie lifestyle (because they can) since they have no worries about money, a job etc. They can then devote their lives to eating organic, following Phish, and wearing dreadlocks (no need for job interviews).

Spotted in both Cory Doctorow’s “” and Charlie Stross’s “” novels. (I think they where talking again?!?).

on a mostly related note: just got back from Bakka Books ( with hard copy of both books) and here that Cory’s book signing was a great success (and he managed to pick up a color other that pale and pasty), with a reading of his new – in progress – work. (plus the new harry potter books got dropped off while I was there).

Plus Cory & Charlie just got Slashdotted Tags: ; Technorati Tags:

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