Accelerando! is released to the wild

Long awaited, Charlie Stross’s Accelerando! is available for downloading (and mindloading) under a Creative Commons license, in various formats (use Bit Torrent to save his bandwidth). Then on July 1st buy the book and support a hard working and nice guy.

I’m currently – slowly – reading it, and doing a mental diff with the original short story “Lobsters” ,published in Asimovs in 2001. Noticed a couple updates.

I’ve previously related mentioned related stories in Jan ’05 (and Cory’s book is also out very soon), Aug ’04. Cory say’s Charlie writes like love-child of Vernor Vinge, Neal Stephenson and Hunter S Thompson. That’s a good thing!?

What is Accelerando! ? It’s the story of several generation of the Macx clan (and their cat) surfing the edge of the Singularity . think: Over-clocked, ADD’ed, slashdoted and future shocked.

Update:I’ve started reading it on my Palm Zire (71) using Plucker (an offline Web and e-book viewer for PalmOS? suggested by Charlie ) and I like it! (the story and the reading) Much better ( and easier on the eyes ) than doing so on my much older Palm II – which is the last time I tried it. and Plucker works like a charm too! After this I’m going to find some more (non-drm) reading. Tags: / ; Technorati Tags: /

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  1. I thought this was a great book. I pre-ordered it from Amazon, then I downloaded it and finished it before the treeware version even arrived.

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