Rewriting Amazon : GreaseMonkey script for the Toronto Public Library

I customized Carrick Mundell’s LibraryLookup Greasemonkey script (for the Seattle Public Library) to do the same for the Toronto Public Library.

What’s it do? On any book listing page, the script inserts a hyper-link below the book title which, when clicked, will search for the book in the Toronto Public Library catalog.

I also made a small modification: the Library Search Url and Library Name are now separate variables to make it a little easier to customized for other Library Systems.

Here’s the Script: amazontorpllinky.user.js
Now go browse for The Confusion (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 2)

Note: I’ve tested this on the Amazon sites for US, Canada, France Germany and Japan with success. However, it does not work for the UK site. Why? Because the UK does not use the same class element names to give it a place to insert the html rewrite link. In fact, it only uses 2 class names on the whole item page. The Style Sheet and classes are there, they just don’t use them. Weird.

This particular madness was kickoff by John Udell who started the (now at in 2002 (with bookmarklet’s). Many Thanks.

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  1. Ian, thanks for the note on my site. Too bad I didn’t find yours when I googled, would have saved me a bit of time – but it was my first GM script so it was fun to do!

    If I get the reverse done, I’ll let you know.

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