Ajax, Ajax Everywhere

How Ajax changes everything from Powazek:

“Stop thinking about the web in terms of pages that go from a server to a browser, and instead think of pages as collections of chunks that can each go to and from a server as needed. In many ways, it reminds me of the revolutionarily simple lesson from blogs: When you think of the web as posts instead of pages, important things happen. In the same way, thinking of the web as dynamic portions of pages opens up all sorts of user interface opportunities.”

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  1. At Backbase we just released our vision on Rich Internet Applications: the article is called “AJAX and Beyond”.

    In order to deliver a manageable and scalable RIA solution we need to go beyond the customs widgetry of the current AJAX model. At Backbase we started in 2002 to develop a new generic client-side GUI management engine (the Backbase Presentation Client) and we combined it with a declarative tag-based UI language: named BXML (Backbase eXtensible Markup Language).

    The BackBase Presentation Client (BPC) is fully based on AJAX technologies, but extends it with a generic UI declaration language (BXML). It interprets the BXML tags and transforms then into the correct DOM commands, keeping full control over aspects like: layout, state, asynchronous communication, data binding, events, relationships, hierarchy and many more.
    Both the Backbase Presentation Client and BXML are designed to kick-start Rich Internet Applications projects using normal HTML technologies.

    For a sample applications visit: http:/www.backbase.com.

    Jouk Pleiter (CEO) BACKBASE

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