The Lancaster of the Lake and Toronto’s Aerospace Museum

On the Radio (, Andy Barrie spoke with Philip Gray, a young pilot with the RAF during WW II. Philip Gray, Lancaster, RAF. (RAM, Runs 9:50) ) I heard about the restoration of the World War II (Heavy Bomber) by the (TAM).   (see also Avro Lancaster FM104 Restoration Project )

Avro Lancaster Heavy Bomber, credit Toronto Aerospace Museum (TAM)

This brought back many happy memories visiting it as it sat on a pedestal placed as a memorial along Lakeshore Drive near the CNE grounds ( @ Coronation Park) (as pictured above. image from Toronto Aerospace Museum.) where it was till the 1998, but also of a family friend, Lew, who piloted one in WWII during the 1000 bomber raids. I hope to pay a visit soon, see the Lancaster – and other exhibits – and pay my respects. I miss seeing it next to the lake as I drive by, especially after the (nearby) HMCS HAIDA (Tribal Class destroyer) was moved to in 2003.


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