Taste in a Fast Food World

Via we have writer Gina Mallet’s book: Last Chance to Eat: The Fate of Taste in a Fast Food World, published in 2004 and garnering rave reviews in North America and Britain.

Where has all the good food gone, and what is the fate of food in the world? In the last fifty years ‘food’ has become associated with ‘bad’, with diets and the focus on weight and food nutritional value overcoming the prior focus on food affection. In Last Chance To Eat: The Fate Of Taste In A Fast Food World, Gina Mallet covers the history and problems of five popular foods: eggs, cheese, beef, vegetables and fish. Individual chapters narrow the focus to a cultural examination of the evolution of dishes around each of these ingredients–and changing perceptions about their health and value.

Perhaps it will answer 2 urgent questions : a) When and Why did English food get a rap for being crap? (It can be very very good) b) Is Jamie Oliver the bees knees?

Also, Toronto Foodie web site (no RSS Feed. Bad!!) has an good length interview with Gina Malle.


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