Not Beyond QR codes

Via we make money not art and Engadet comes ColorCode – apparently a success in South Korea, and are about to be introduced in Japan – which seems like more of a for cellphones, developed by ColorZip Media.

Although the colour may make it more visible, appealing, I think the fact it is only a tinyurl like link to one companies server, and requiring the connection to the server for any functional make it less value add, and more proprietary lock in.

More info on , plus I’ve blogged about QR (two-dimension quick response codes), starting a year ago, in TokyoArtBeat and QR codes; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, BarCode Fish…; Camera Phones Link World to Web; and Camera-phone barcode reader

April 26th Update: Gizmodo has a cute piece on someone doing creating a QR Code using white and dark chocolate as explained in qrcodeblog, a blog in QR codes. Plus RFID in Japan describes an attempt to encode a QR Code message on Bento using Nori (toasted seaweed) and rice: “Nori for the age of information technology”??

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