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Via The discussion group, Joshua Schachter (Uber coder and creator of has revealed a few more details on his earlier announcement to work on fulltime.

Joshua maintains majority control, and the investment group is lead by Union Square Ventures (co founded by VC blogger Fred Wilson), and includes many notables:, Marc Andreessen (Netscape Boy, and now OpsWARE), BV Capital, Esther Dyson (blog:Release 4.0), Seth Goldstein (blog:Transparent Bundles ), Josh Koppelman (founder of, which was acquired by eBay) , Howard Morgan (Director at Idea Lab), Tim O’Reilly (Tim O’Reilly is founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media), and Bob Young (Red Hat founder). All very internet aware folk!

Joshua is looking to improving reliability and responsiveness, and then on with the new features!

Union Square Ventures was founded in October 2003 and in February (2005) concluded their final close. It’s focused at the intersection of technology, media, and disruptive internet models. They have made several interesting investments.

April 17th update:Fred Wilson posts some comments on his firms investment.

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