Charles Stross Attains Posthuman Status

As annouced on Locus Online,

At exactly 1:07 PM GMT on March 31, 2005, noted science fiction author Charles Stross ceased his existence as a baseline human being and entered an unknowable posthuman condition.

The precipitating event, as far as experts can determine, was Stross’s acquisition of a new Sony PSP game machine.
Stross’s transformation is the first documented case of Singularity breach, but rumors persist that Australian writer Greg Egan made the emergent leap long ago.
Stross is survived by his beloved widow, and by approximately ten thousand partial personalities seeded throughout the internet.

I wonder if this will affect his nominations? More under /

Update: Charlie himself(s) reports finding posthuman life rather cramped inside this Palm Pilot, and I urgently need more storage. Anyone got a spare 1Gb SD memory card?

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