Farscape: The PeaceKeeper Wars comes to Canada

Finally, after waiting since last August, Space TV is showing “The PeaceKeeper Wars” : Part 1 March 25th, 9pm EST, Part 2 March 26th, 9pm EST. (And if you miss Part 2 it’s repeated March 27th at 3pm EST.)

The final five episodes of Farscape on March 25th, 2005 starting at 4pm EST.

Bracca: You’re the reinforcements?
John: No, we’re the band. Looks like Kiss was your opening act.
D’Argo: Frell, I’m in the wrong band.

The wait is over, if you haven’t bought theDVD, seen it on pseudo SCIFI channel in the southern Northern America in October. and there is always FoxTrot


Update: It was truly – out of the park – awesome!! They will be missed! Frell!

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