Apple Store coming to Toronto April 15th, 05

According to a very brief story (like an inch) in the Saturday Globe & Mail (not on-line), Canada’s first Apple store will be opening in Toronto April 15th with the new Yorkdale Shopping Mall expansion.

Previously it had been suggested that it was scheduled to open on May 21.

A new retail store is also going to be additions.

April 14th update: Looks like is going to be the end of May. (So Sorry). The Torontoist has a pre opening peek at the new mall expansion and also suggest that it going to be next month. Confirmed : The new space (for yoga wannbes), the first store of sassy Spanish Mango store (the Eaton Centre location opens next week, then Sherway Garden Shopping Center).

Update: It’s official: May 21st at 9:30am at the Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto.

It opened, I was there and so was Cris Nolan (he links to some pictures). We both did the same thing: same the line up and said “Forget that!” (I wonder how many of them were in line for Star Wars (Revenge of the Sith) just a day or 2 before?


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  1. Last I read, online, Yorkdale doesn’t know when the Apple store will be finished. The May date was listed on the black contruction board for awhile, but they took it down. (I’m still surprised it says “” on it instead of “”.)

    I peeked through a crack in the doors yesterday, and saw some contractors working on the carpeting, with paint already on the walls (I think). But there wasn’t much else, no logos that I could see. So they probably won’t open this month, considering the job posting is still on and there are no announcements for it anywhere …

    Yorkdale posted a list of the new stores in front of the Rainforest Cafe, where the old Eaton’s entrance used to be. I took a photo … let me check if the Apple store’s on it.

    Ooh! It is! The teal coloured stores are the new ones. I’ve drawn an arrow to point at the Apple Store on this Yorkdale display, showing all the stores at Yorkdale: (about 30 KB, 225×300 – small)

    Hmm, I don’t think I took any pictures of the exterior of the store, though I did try to take one through the crack in the doors – but the lense wouldn’t focus properly and I didn’t have time to fix it, since it would look odd to be trying to take a photo of a store in the middle of a busy shopping mall (with security & video cameras everywhere).

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