Songs to Wear Pants To, An Alternative Way to Do Music

Via the Globe and Mail with have Ballad for an albino kitten please (Sarah Efron, Wednesday, March 9) the story of Andrew Huang (aka Andrew Pants), his web site Songs To Wear Pants To and his passion to write music for people with a passion.

People contact him through the site and pay a negotiated fee (between $5 to $102) to have a custom-made song written for them on any subject and in any genre they can imagine. (Pants is only limited by the type of instruments he can get his hands on and he will only sing in English.) You can also request a song for free, but there are two conditions: Pants will only do it if he feels like it, and the end result will be less than 71 seconds.

This was the first I’d heard of this but, it makes a change from listening to the Dinosaur Music Industry that treat talent like “Mr Pants” as a resource to be strip mined.

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