Changing China on the BBC NEWS website

Changing China : As part of BBC News’ China Week, you can use this guide to learn more about the country with the world’s biggest population, and its most dynamic economy. Lots to read…. some of the material covered:

Long shadow
Malaysian Chinese eye opportunities in China’s rise

Talking Point
The changing face of China: Send your comments & questions

Grip on power
A guide to how the Communist Party maintains tight control

New faces
Four young Chinese talk about their country’s changes

Free expression
Author Mian Mian fights for China’s artistic freedom

Future flashpoint?
How Taiwan could spark a confrontation between superpowers

Danger in diversity
China’s latest clashes show how its ethnic pot can bubble over

China’s choice
Hong Kong abuzz with reports that unpopular leader will resign

Poverty trap
Life for China’s rural poor is a world away from booming cities

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