Cory on the O’Reilly Network

Via Boing Boing is Cory Doctorow’s interview by Richard Koman on the O’Reilly Network in the run up to the May 1st release of “Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town” (ISBN: 0765312786), a WiFi Fantasy set in Toronto’s Kensington Village. (an excerpt was published last year)

among other things Cory talks about Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” and his deconstruction update of it Anda’s game. And how The thing that Scott Card missed was the fragmentation theme. So he got the kind of ease- of-access theme, the means by which fame would be democratized. I think it was David Weinberger who said, “On the Internet everyone will be famous to 15 people.”

or Famous for 15 clicks in the Case of FalsePositives.

Also (Card) still has this idea that all of humanity will follow en masse these one or two voices that are more compelling that any others...

Is that because of Card’s Mormon background? He wants/need/believes in a compelling voice?

Cory’s closing comments make for very future shock reading:

The thing that I’m really interested in now is the near-instantaneous commodification of everything and what that means for being on the technological vanguard…
I think we’re going to reach a point where the fact that you understand and are deeply involved in a technological revolution as fundamental as the dot-com one will mean that you’ll be out of work and irrelevant in about a year

Interesting times indeed

Cory’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Novel is up for a Nebula during the end of May. Good Luck Cory!

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