BrainFart: Meme Spotter or Blog Chatter

I’ve been thinking about a sort of personal Daypop using RSS content and analyzing the link content within. Hot Meme aggregating and identification System?

A) get my current RSS feed content, say content created with in the last 24 hours or some other period or all.

b) from that, look – and count! – all the links (href’s) within that content. Of course some feeds don’t include the links with their feed content (which I understand), but they drop out of influence.

c) display the list from most links to least (dropping the solo links?), and who (and where) they blogged about it.

And Wholia! You have the most linked to items based on My RSS feed (or any RSS/OPML feed). Presumably the most important stuff from the people I feel are important enough to watch, and they feel important enough to blog about.

The difference between this and DayPop or technorati’s breaking news, is it is “My Feed”. It might be using for spotting broad trends, or Blog chatter. (might want to do a quick data hack to see if it is real world useful to me). A useful addition to any RSS feed reader?

One issue is that all feeds are equally weighed in the count, which is fixable in general terms but very hard (or just time consuming) to grant specialist Blogs extra weight in their specialized category (only). Would Bayesian_inference help? The Semantic Web to the rescue? (yuck!). Any danger of False Positives? Perhaps it would be good to remove link to the top of the domain, not a permanent link within.

Ok, lets see if I can get this out of BrainFart stage, past Yak Shaving and added to My own RSS news reader project.

This is a variation of an earlier Fartlet idea : showing links on the current url in the Mozilla/FireFox side bar, which is in pre-shave stage.

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