Jay Ingram, Science Guy

Flying out to Calgary last week I was seated next to Jay Ingram well known co-host and producer of Daily Planet, the hour long science magazine on Canada’s Discovery Channel, Toronto Star columnist, Author (most recently: The Velocity of Honey : And More Science of Everyday Life; Talk Talk Talk; and The Barmaid’s Brain)and all around science guy.

He was off to attend the 2005 annual general meeting (in Banff) of the Canadian Bacterial Diseases Network (CBDN , a nation-wide virtual research organization comprised of Canadian researchers whose focus is on bacterial diseases that affect humans, animals, fish, plants and the environment and part of the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence program), and was scheduled, amougnst other things, to lead a communications workshop titled ““How to Communicate with People Who DON’T Have PhDs””.

I had the pleasure to talk with Mr. Ingram on several topics, and look forward to reading his newest book when it’s published this Fall (2205). I hope the pleasure was mutual, that I didn’t pester him too much (I tried to contain myself, really!) and his conference was a success. Mr. Ingram was very pleasant, and patient. A nice guy.

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