Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have corrupted the Timeline.

“It’s Dead, Jim”

Via SlashDot, it’s official : TrekToday – UPN Cancels ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’. The TheAngryMob Editorializes… over at Bureau 42 says it best:

It doesn’t seem quite fair, now that the show has hit a decent stride. Sure it deserved cancellation after seasons one and two, but now?

I know I’m going to hear the same old tirade: Trek should go away or take a hiatus. I disagree. There’s nothing stale or dead about the Trek Universe, you just don’t get good Sci-Fi when designed by focus groups, marketing execs, and yes flaming morons. Catsuits and wrestler guest stars does not good Star Trek make.

Manny, you did your best and I applaude you. You turned the ship around and gave it a meaningful course. For that we won’t forget what you did.

Rick and Brannon, a little tip: Avoid conventions for awhile. Let’s just say you’re not welcome.

Ironically, with this weeks episode, “Babel One”, we final see more of the outlines for the founding a Federation of Tellarites, Andorians, Vulcans , Humans and others, plus, maybe, the First Romulan War. Which is what seasons 1, 2 or 3 should have been about, if B&B could have story arced their way out of a paper bag. I had thought the UPN might need “The Franchise” bad enough to keep it going, now that is was going it a decent direction, but no. I’m very unlikely to give UPN another change for a few year. B&B never. I will watch the end of this season, but its going to feel like a wake.


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