Sherry Carroll, Don Valley East Toronto Councillor & Blogger

Alerted by a small piece from the “Inside City Hall” column of the Globe & Mail (unavailable online and unattributed) I’ve discovered that Sherry Carroll, Don Valley East Toronto Councillor (Ward 33), is a blogger (started December 1 2004 with regular postings).

Websites are not uncommon for Toronto Councillors, especially when election times comes around, but tend to become rather forgotten save for few Media PR pieces and community meetings. Councillor Carroll is the first Toronto Councillors, that I’m aware of, to attempt this style of communication. Although not my City Councillor, the insight to the activities of one of our Councillor’s should prove enlightening, if not entertaining. Welcome! (Any other Toronto/Ontario/Canada politicians blogging? Let me know.)


Update Dec 2009 : Councillor Carroll now has a blog integrated into her web site :

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