Tagging Home Photo’s

Olivier Travers blog entry: How to Share a Taxonomy with Other Photoshop Album Users? tackles a slightly different problem: tagging your local photo’s, and has tapped into the broader discusion about tag and folksonomies (inculding my contributions).

This reminded me of the Wired 12.10 (October 2004) story ” Point. Shoot. Kiss It Good-Bye.” (Your hard drive is overflowing with gazillions of digital pics. DSC00234.jpg might as well be labeled DON’T_KNOW_DON’T_CARE.jpg. ) and “6 ways to get the picture (Manual tagging; On-location tagging; Data mining; Scene recognition; Facial recognition; Social networking).

Slicing and Dicing Home Digtial images is going to be a big Bussiness, althought one with a low ($10) price point. (and backing up that content is another one.) (see Google Space)

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