Technorati Does Tags

Via Boing Boing, Technorati (a search engine of Blogs) has a new “tag” service. (Shades of Taggle?)

If your Blog tool of choice uses Categories, has a RSS/Atom feed, and pings technorati, then your done. If not, you can add tags via a new tag markup :

 <a href="" rel="tagname">tagname</a>

where “tagname” is your tag.

The twist is that Technorati is working with (a social/sharing bookmark manager website) and Flickr (a social/sharing photo web site) to read their tagged content! So, Flickr pictures, bookmarks, and Blog Posts all on one page!

Here’s an example result for the tag Toronto, or to go to the “general” tags page:, which seems to be using the size of the (55,266) tags to indicate “how full of goodies it is”. Here are the doc’s on Tags.

One current limitation is that there is no way to do tag intersection as with (i.e. ) like

Update: It should be noted that Oddiophile has done a taggregator that does the same for Del.icio and Flickr only, but does show “related tags” and (NOW) has a Technorati Tags bookmarklet that generates the Technorati Tag code for cut and paste. (via Boing Boing

for example: ,

David Weinberger comments on The tagging revolution continues…, as does Many-2-Many: Technorati Takes Tags Global, and David Sifry(CEO of Technorati).

and you can search Technorati Tags with a bookmarklet.

Now on and Metafilter!

Trechorati is now (as of Jan 18, 2005) inculding Links and Tags from Furl, another web-based bookmark managers like

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