House of Flying Daggers & Anita Mui

“House of Flying Daggers” (Shi Mian Mai Fu) is not to be missed! The original Chinese title is Shi Mian Mai Fu, meaning “ambush from ten direction”. The film is written as a thriller under the cover of a love story, or is it a love story under cover of a thriller?

With a stronger, more focused and intimate story then “Hero” (Ying Xiong) or “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (Wo Hu Cang Long) but just as breathtaking is the the cinematography, costumes, sets and sheer colour. Zhang Yimou has contiuned to refine his techinque since “Hero”. The cast of Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau Tak-Wah, Zhang Ziyi, Song Dandan was masterful. Lots more details @ Monkey Peaches

Sony’s North American DVD of the film is slated to release May 15th.

Anita Mui received a dedication during the closing credits. This was originally going to be Anita Mui’s final appearance in film and she had already accepted the role but, because she was battling cervical cancer, her part wasn’t going to be filmed until early 2004. After her death on 30 December 2003, director Zhang Yimou decided to alter the script rather than find a replacement. One year ago today. I suspect she was to be the new leader of the “House of Flying Daggers”.

update : HoFD review and news of ~7,000 fans of Chinese pop diva Anita Mui marked the first anniversary of her death at a star-studded commemoration concert included Andy Hui, Hacken Lee, and Miriam Yeung, performing Mui’s most popular songs in her honor


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