Who is Nancy Zerg? / What is H&R Block?

And the Question is “Who Defeated Ken Jennings”. and “What was the Question that defeated Ken Jennings”

KenJen has been voted off the Island. Well it actually happen, as reported by Jason Kottke, Nancy Zerg, a Los Angeles real estate agent, on November 30 2004 beat Jeopardy titan Ken Jennings in his 75th appearance on the trivia game show.

The Globe and mail has a piece on The woman who brought down Jennings

(H&R Block is making sure he’ll always remember the company for other reasons: It has offered him free tax preparation for life.)

Congratulations to Nancy and Ken! (okay so he didn’t last to January 17, 2026)

Update: You can watch Mr Jennings final moments here, in case you havn’t seen it enough!

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