Via ComputerWorld Grazing the Nanograss : a bed of upright silicon posts a thousand times thinner than a human hair. Apllications inculde: Improved Battaries; Heat sinks for computer processors and other devices; Liquid lenses; Liquid photonics.

“Nanograss is an important technology because it combines a materials breakthrough with electronic properties that enhance the material and allow it to be used as a platform for a slew of applications,”

This is something I would expect to see in Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trends or Howard Lovy’s NanoBot.

Update :

  1. The “Liquid lenses” is something that I think I remember reading in Frank Herbert’s Dune books: in the first one didn’t someone (a Atreides like Paul or Duncan) use a Binocular with a water or liquid lens that could be focused?
  2. Howard was kind enough to post my email to him regarding the NanoGrass story. Thanks! (and now I wish I had been more eloquent)

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