The Battle for Toro

Following up on my orginal The End of Sushi or Sayonara Sashimi, there is a flurry of press reports on the threat to Ontario sushi in the CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and CTV .

Most of this is CYA: “prevent future illness and bring the province up to national standards.”; “most people won’t be able to taste the difference between fish that’s previously been frozen.” In other words : we are doing this for your own good; you don’t know any better; now go away or I shall call you names.

The Star article claims, ” the provincial government is backing away from a strict new ban on the use of fresh raw fish in sushi.”

It’s early days yet, and pressure needs to be continuously applied if anything is going to get done. Again here’s the contact info for your MPP

Update : from my Referral logs I see Sloot aka The Original Goldfish has picked (and copied) up my orginal post “ The End of Sushi or Sayonara Sashimi” and Technorati tells me: 3 things daily (alice in wonderland reference?) picked up the same glob amd mail story; Max’s Mewsings points out the CYA; and Small Dead Animals is rather cranky considering she claims not to like Sushi.

Update 2:There is Now to the Petition to the Hon George Smitherman (” sushi aficionado as well as Ontario’s Health Minister”).

Update 3 amd more Sushi Wars

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