The End of Sushi or Sayonara Sashimi

The G&M reports on Freezing out sushi, seems someone at Queens Park doesn’t like Sushi and sliped into a Food Safty Bill a requirement that any fish to be served raw must have been frozen! Which chances the taste, texture of the fish in question. This came into effect Sept 1 (’04) in Ontario.

Chefs and sushi lovers say the Japanese specialty will cease to be a delicacy after a new health regulation demands that raw fish be frozen before serving…the government ban on fresh fish, which went into effect on September 1 and which extends to sashimi, fish tartare, ceviche and cold-smoked fish.. “There’s no way you can freeze sea urchin,” he says. “When you defrost it, it just melts away.”..may be an overreaction to a problem that hasn’t been proved to exist here….Although public-health officials say they consulted the association in the development of new amendments to the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Mr. Mundell says the ban on fresh fish for raw consumption was not included in the final draft presented to his group. “It came as a surprise to us,” he says.

Here’s the Act, see Section 33 part 9

(9) Fish that is intended to be consumed raw, including raw-marinated and partially cooked fish, shall be frozen before preparation and serving to a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius or below for seven days or to a temperature of minus 35 degrees or below for 15 hours. O. Reg. 74/04, s. 1.

Time to take to the Streets with our Tuna Belly!! Pehaps we can get a letter writing campaign to our MPP‘s?

Update: Globe and Mail columnist (that’s what they call a paid blogger!) MARGARET WENTE has written aboutthe sushi ban in “Toro, toro, toro! Stop the sushi ban!” (Tuesday, September 28, 2004, Page A21) beyond the Insider Edition subscribers only link:

Are you a sushi fan like me? Do you like chowing down on tender tuna morsels with a little wasabi on the side? Raw fish may not be for everyone, but don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. It’s delicious, nutritious, low-cal, full of omega fatty acids and probably good for your sex life, too.

Another update: The Battle for Toro

Update 2:There is Now to the Petition to the Hon George Smitherman (” sushi aficionado as well as Ontario’s Health Minister”).

Update 3 :Sushi Wars

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