Leaping Dragon, Soaring Tiger: Hero

Ying xiong aka Hero is finally released in North America, 2 years after its originally release. The Globe and Mail has a review, with some of the details : Miramax sat on the North American release for two years, threatening to release a shorter version until Quentin Tarantino convinced them to keep it at full length.

A cinematic tour de force that surpasses 2000’s Wo hu cang long, aka “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” with it’s stunning scenery and sequences. Director Yimou Zhang beats Ang Lee, supported by a his stellar cast : Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, and Ziyi Zhang.

Zhang’s next film (Shi mian mai fu, aka “House of Flying Daggers”, premiered in Asia July 15 2004 to Toronto International Film Festival, with general release by the end of the year(?).

This site has a collection of international trailers, clips, and news for “ambushed from ten directions”.

I came across this triva: This was originally going to be Anita Mui‘s final appearance in film and she had already accepted the role but, because she was battling cervical cancer, her part wasn’t going to be filmed until early 2004. After her death on 30 December 2003, director ‘Zhang Yimou’ decided to alter the script rather than find a replacement. Anita’s name will still be listed in the credits.

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