Rolltronics Display Backplane Technology, Can you say Video Wallpaper?

From Cringely The Big Picture

Current displays are controlled by transistors that switch on and off, and those switches are made by melting silicon on a glass plate. This is hard, expensive and does scale well. That’s why really big LCD and plasma displays cost so much.

But Rolltronics’ FASwitch doesn’t use transistors and cost LESS per unit of area the bigger they get.

A FASwitch starts with two layers of plastic, one thin and flexible, and the other thicker and rigid, separated by large number of individual cells that correspond to the individual pixels in a display, which are the switches activated electrostatically at that one point in the switch array. The FASwitch backplanes can be bistable, the display pixels retain their image until they are told to refresh by the controller.

Imagine Displays that can scale from a few pixels to a movie screen to the entire side of a building. Low power, hi-res, large displays.

Give me, give me give me (and hook it up to a Uber processor please). Cringely says 3 years. I hope.

The Rolltronics web site also has more details.

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