Neuromancer Meets The Exorcist.

In “The Atrocity Archives” Charles Stross has produced a story which blends Lovecraft / Illuminati / HellBoy, with SlashDot, and a dash of John Le Carre to produce High-Tech Horror Spy novel, and it’s good!

Very difficult to put down, and even more compelling then his Singularity Sky/Iron Sunrise stories, in part because it feel very contemporary, very “ripped from the headlines” in it’s cultural and technical mix (with Monty Python references too). His answer to the question “What is a demon” is very neat.

It reminded me of Poul Anderson’s “Operation Chaos”, David Brin’s novella “Thor Meets Captain America.” and Raider’s of the Lost Ark, although the setting was very up to date. I also keep thinking of StarGate TV series, because of the gate tie in, the secret government organization, and the sense of humor.

I also enjoyed the notes on the similarity and differences of Spy and Horror fiction.

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