NDP supports bad Internet treaties

Cory points out that NDP supports bad Internet treaties as reported in the The Star and by CIPPIC (Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic) in it’s look at Election 2004: Internet Issues

In particular :

The NDP endorsed the Committee’s recommendations on swift ratification of the controversial WIPO Internet treaties, and even more surprisingly, it gave its approval to an extended licensing scheme for educational materials, despite the heated opposition from the education community.

It it a ignorance , incompetentance or irrelevancy? How can we educate Jack, Olivia and there happy band? Cory would be a great go to person, with his background.

I brought this up earlier and we have responses from 4 (major) Parties but NOT the Conservatives.

And it’s not looking good. Can any of them “Get a Clue”?

Here’s another good source Digital Copyright Canada

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