Campaigning for Copyright in Canada

Via Slashdot comes “Campaigning for Copyright in Canada” from Digital Copyright Canada (tag line : All Canadian Citizens are “Rights Holders” ) and Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic with a List of Issues and Questions to button hole your candidates

They has responses from 2 parties out of 5 (so far) on these issues and questions.

They also provide background details on the questions raised, but in the Time Honored Tradition of us ADD internet types here’s the list :

  • What is your position on the issue of file-sharing in Canada – should it be illegal?
  • What is your position on using legislation to prohibit circumvention of TPMs (Technological Protection of Copyrighted Materials)?
  • Do you support an amendment to the Copyright Act to allow for the use of freely available materials on the Internet by participants in an educational program?
  • * Should ISPs be protected from liability for copyright infringement when others merely transmit copyrighted materials over their facilities, or when others post copyrighted works on websites that the ISP merely hosts?
  • What is your position on the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage’s proposed “notice and takedown” scheme requiring ISPs to remove content on the sole basis of alleged copyright infringement?
  • What is your position on increasing or mandating the use of open source software in government operations?
  • How do you propose to approach the problem of spam?
  • What is your position on National ID cards?
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