TheyWorkForYou: Is your MP working for you in Parliament

posted by Cory Doctorow, via Boing Boing comes word of TheyWorkForYou a project from the FaxYourMP team. It web-ifies the British Parliamentary record and makes the entire thing commentable, searchable and permalinkable.

Stuff like Voting record, Performance data, how many times Spoke, Attendance, how many times they votes against their party.

Brilliant! We need this is Canada, before the NEXT election. Boy would I love to have a printout of the voting record and notable quotes from Hansard of my MP when she rings the front door!

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  1. You’ve got something better than that in Canada. I just launched Simpol-UK as the first official National Simultaneous Policy Organisation, but I hear that Canada is soon to follow suit.

    From reading your weblog I reckon that this is something that you might want to check out too, in time for your next election perhaps…


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