Swisscoms Wifi win’s corporate placement spot by being worst pay-for-WiFi service in Europe

An excerpt from Cory Doctorow’s forthcoming Tor Books novel “Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town,” due sometime in early 2005. This scene based on a true story.

And Cory’s is not the only one to have such poor experiences with Swisscoms, not to mention that they don’t like having it pointed out just what people think of their crappy service, expensive as hell

One of the problems mentioned is a lack of available cards. This artificial scarcity leads to the silly sight of customers doing the dance of “please let me give you money”. Is there a reason beyond incompetence or BHP mis-management that explains why this problem hasn’t been addressed? SwissCom’s current sales director – Dick de Pater – seems to think “it’s just fine, please stop complaining“.

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