A Guide to VoIP for Dummies and Telco’s

Todays Globe and Mail had a Special Report on VoIP

Tech-savvy firm uses everything it sells

Netcetera, launched in 1999 from Mr. Weeks’ basement, now has six full-time staff, including Mr. Weeks, and several contractors. In July, Netcetera will be moving into leased office space to better accommodate its growing range of services. But for the past five years, the company has operated without an office, employing a single telephone number and a VoIP system to route calls to employees at their homes or wherever they were working.

I love the idea of a virtual office ,whether you are big or small, route your calls where you are, always at the same extension.

Phone competition starting to heat up

BabyTel, a division of Montreal-based Voice & Data Systems Inc., is rolling out its service today, while Yak Communications Inc. is targeting Sept. 8. Like their competitors, they are slashing long-distance phone bills for consumers and business….

Toronto-based Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. was the first to jump into the market in January, followed by other players like Edison, N.J.-based Vonage Holdings Corp. and Vancouver-based Navigata Communications Inc.


Toronto-based AOL Canada Inc. has delayed its launch from midyear to later this fall. And FCI Broadband, a division of Futureway Communications Inc. of Markham, Ont., said it will probably wait until the fourth quarter before unveiling a VoIP offering.

Service in its infancy raising questions about rules of the game in U.S.

“I think [VoIP] is going to turn the telephone industry on its head,” U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Michael Powell told a recent industry conference.

A non-traditional way to transmit phone calls

Internet about to change the way many Canadians use their phones

“The subversive nature of VoIP will create a very interesting dynamic in the market place,” says Don Proctor, vice-president and general manager of the voice technology group at San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco Systems Inc.

And since “ip eats everything” this is just the beginning….

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