New reality shows slated for the fall season:

  • The Candidate. George W. Bush and John Kerry spend a whole month together in a mansion filled with lobbyists. Who will get in bed with whom? Don’t miss the sizzling behind the scenes deal-making. Each episode concludes with both candidates handing out long-stemmed roses to their favorite special interest groups.
  • The Apprentice of The Dark Side. The evil Emperor must choose among several aspiring Sith Lords, all vying for the coveted job of “Darth Executive,” in charge of overseeing construction of the Deathstar. Each round eliminates a contestant with the famous tagline “You’re fired,” and is then zapped with lightning and thrown off a ledge to his infernal doom.
  • Aramaic Idol. The nation wide search for the next messiah. Come put your healing powers to the test and go head to head with other saviours and miracle workers for the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever amen. Produced by Mel Gibson.

  • CNN Cribs: News Anchor Edition. Paula Zahn gives a sneak peek of her kickin’ pad in the O.C., all West Coast flava y’all cuz the bitch is mad bangin’ wit the bling bling, know what I’m saying? Holla!
  • Via SinFest, notes from THE R E S I S T A N C E

    Sadly these ideas seem better than 99% of whats actually on air.

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