MIT’s OpenCourseWare populated

Via Brian McCallister : “Brian’s Waste of Time”, MIT’s OpenCourseWare is now nicely populated. Problem sets, exams, readings, Lecture Notes. 700 courses, materials from 33 academic disciplines and all five of MIT’s schools. Look’s like it’s time to do some brain expanding…..

In one case a course has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

I wonder when the first story reference to OpenCourseWare going to appear? Maybe Cory or Charlie or Bill have already? Cory’s “Down and Out includes a post-university / educational society that implies a OCW ( OpenCourseWare) like curriculum.

Also, given what has happen to books published under the CreativeCommons license, like Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom or Free Culture, what are the possibilities for OCW material?

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