Back from Sking, and buried

Yes, I’m safely back from 6 glorious days of skiing at Quebec City. The weather was good ( -8 to -2 C) Snow was very good (although the mash on Monday was tough on the legs) at Mont Ste Anne, Le Massif and Stoneham. The Hotel (Manoir Victoria in old Quebec City) was most excellent with great accommodations, staff and hard to beat location. We had a great crew of High Park Ski Club crazies, some of whom I knew / had been warned about, and we (Elicia and I ) made some new friends. And the food was to die for. If you don’t believe me just look at the expanding tummy, despite my efforts to burn it off on the slopes.

So I’m back, buried under a pile of work, reading (although I did get Eastern Standard Tribe read / consumed, yum yum), email and blog feeds. (Oh the spammers seem to be back from their vacation too.) I can tell that spring is just around the corner, because a pile of ants found the remains of my yogurt.

And now I’m suffering from ski withdrawn.

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