The Starup Insanity

Via A random blog: “The startup mentality. comes Why are there Serial Entrepreneurs?

‘Being part of a start-up is about more than get-rich-quick dreams. It’s an emotional commitment to a hurried, harried, adrenaline-driven way of working. For those who can cope, it seems oddly addictive.’

  • Gambler’s Fallacy.
  • I won’t work for big companies anymore.
  • I can’t work for big companies anymore.
  • It’s not the company, but the work.
  • Big companies are no longer hiring.
  • The valley is really one big company already
  • Start-ups are addictive.

I would add: It’s not the work it’s the people. There are a bunch of people whom I would easly work with again. There arealso a few people with whom I would not work with again for any reason (or maybe only for cash up front). Okay maybe I need a 12 step program?

Looks like some other interesting reading under Product Bytes

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