Local content on the map

Yahoo puts local content on the map

This only works for US address so here’s an example for people playing along at home : 235 2nd St San Francisco, CA 94105-3124. Kind of Cool! and if you select an restaurants “point” you can get further information.

Wonder how long before I can do this on a GPS enabled Hand held device?

Russell Beattie : Map Results to your Mobile picks up on the same story from a different starting point and a different slant..

This is pretty great. Now if Yahoo was smart (and I’m *not* trying to give it ideas since their online solution is similar to what our WaveSpotter J2ME client does on the mobile side) they would hook up their new Yahoo Maps with the new Point of Interest locations (POIs) to their mobile services section. They already have everything in place to enable this instantly – they know my user name, and that’s associated with my Yahoo Mobile profile with my phone’s number and capabilities. I should be able to look up a map on Yahoo, and if I’m logged in, click on a button that says “send to my mobile” and off it goes – a WAP Push message with the map at the top and the POIs listed at the bottom.

Of course Yahoo – like most American portals – probably doesn’t take mobile phones seriously yet so this won’t happen for at least 9 months to a year if ever, so that’s nice to know. It’s amazing it took them this long to add POI data to their maps.

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