iPod media reader offloads digital camera memory into your MP3 player

Via Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things:

Belkin has shipped a six-in-one media reader that plugs into your iPod — plug the reader into your iPod, stick the Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick or whatnot from your camera into the reader, and your photos are offloaded onto the iPod’s hard-drive, freeing you up to take new shots. When you get home, plug your iPod into your computer and offload your archived photos. Smart, smart, smart. Link

I was speculating last fall when some sort of Digital Camera to micro HD would happen. I see 2 big advantages to this : Freeing up the smaller memory card to the bigger / cheaper HD is one (saving me from having multiple cards at minimum). Backing up the data is another (for longer trips, as insurance against losing the card or camera, or card failure. i.e. peace of mind). Now what I really what is to be able to back up the data from my Handy Computing / Communicator / Media device into a cyberspace CVS repository and do so transparently, incremental, and wirelessly. But that’s for next year……

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