I just got noticed by Chad Dickerson (InfoWorld)

Chad Dickerson: March 02, 2004 Archives: Lotus Notes and RSS

Anyone who knows me or reads my columns regularly know how I feel about Lotus Notes. Those feelings aside, I did just come across a Notes-based RSS aggregator via Lockergnome’s RSS Resource. The instructions for the R5 release are available, as well as instructions on how to get it working in R6.

The simplicity of RSS triumphs in yet another environment.

This is one of those good news, bad news things : I just got noticed. Isn’t this wonderful….Oh c**p everyone is looking at me, is my fly up or down….I expect a flood of hits over the next while added to the steady stream of people looking for R5 RSS Lotus notes solutions.

To those people : I hope you find the solution useful out of the box. If not tell me what you like what you don’t, how you would like to / hope to use it. I’ve already had some wonderful feedback and suggestions. Thank you. And thanks for the Link Love Chad.

Update : Chad left Infoworld, was Sr. Director, Advanced Products / Brickhouse at Yahoo! (and other things for 3 years) and is now CTO at Etsy as of 2008. He now blogs at ChadDickerson.com

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