2004 Super Bowl Ads

IFILM Super Bowl Ads Everything but Janet Jackson.

Pretty disappointing this year. I liked : MasterCard, Homer Gets His Errands Done; FedEx : Alien Shipping (“All you need to Know”) (although Elicia loves their MBA commercial); the 7UP, Delivery Truck and Frito-Lay, Fight to the Death were so cruel they were funny; and Staples, Randy the Supply Supervisors was to good an offer to miss; and of course Visa USA, Kerri & Misty Play Snow Volleyball (haven’t they heard of North Beach?).

On a related note : I discovered that FedEx has a spot on their web site to view their Ad’s! Great Stuff! Why Don’t other clueless organizations do this? Oh right, they’re clueless. (or just embarrassed about their ads?) Anyway, the FedEx ad’s are here. Print and TV. QuickTime or Windows Media player. A couple I hadn’t seen before. (Yes Elicia, “MBA” is there too!).

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