Music Guide Done Right

Found deep within Om Malik on Broadband a Link to Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. A Flashed based guide to various types and genres of Electronic Music. It’s like getting a new Encyclopedia set for Xmas! About 99% of the styles and music I’ve never heard of (A factor of age and utter un-coolness). But I loved the commentaries and discovered a few thing I didn’t hate. (I tick to stuff in the last ten years: DownTempo/Ambient Breaks – Moby; Happy Core – which sounds like it should be the soundtrack of anime; TranceStep – Jonh B’s American Girls is a hoot) The other interesting thing is the layout (showing how major genres mutated over time ) , the exploring of genres and well looped samples, and the explanations. It makes music that even Ishkur hates worthing listening to, if only to confirm that yeah that sucks! As a side effect If I want to tourture someone, I now know A couple of TerroCore “tunes” to play. You’ve been warned!

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