Who Cares About Sound Quality

Via Techdirt: “Who Cares About Sound Quality?

It seems that the focus on in-home entertainment devices has moved from the stereo system to the home theater system. However, this change of focus from the audio to the visual means that many buyers are skipping out on the fancier speaker systems – much to the dismay of those who sell such speakers. Even though home theater systems require a complex setup of speakers to produce optimal sound, some are worried that many buyers are too focused on the picture they get from the screen, and thus only buy the cheapest speakers to handle the sound. Of course, they’re working to change this perception. Though, there are some odd ideas – including ‘tactile audio’ where the speakers end up embedded in the furniture of the room itself. This way, the viewer can actually ‘feel’ the sound relate to whatever they’re watching in the home theater.”

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